Open Call Results 2021

We sincerely thank everyone who submitted their work to the open call. The jury enjoyed viewing, listening to, and reading submissions from around the world and was excited to see many new ways of approaching and appreciating the work of Sedje Hémon.

The first prize is awarded to Minsun Kim for the video work Halmoni in Heteropia (2020). The jury was refreshed by the inventive take on space and mobility, especially as they pertain to aging and the digital. Connections to Hémon’s own physical challenges during her lifetime explain some of her decision to work across in many different forms – first music, then painting and composing, and in her later years, digital spaces such as Second Life. The jury applauds Minsun Kim’s fresh and yet sensitive take on the subject and feel it is in the spirit of Sedje Hémon. 

Watch the winning entry by Minsun Kim below:

Through her artistic research, Minsun Kim explores the possibilities of art as creative resistance, focusing on the overlap between art, politics, and everyday life. Her work mainly focuses on otherness, muteness, and isolation caused by social structures. These subjects are often developed by writing visual narratives as a form of the artistic video essay, which does not attempt to explain everything in written language, but to recalibrate subjects through images and narratives. 

The second prize is awarded to Antoni Hidalgo for the musical piece Man at a Crossroad. The jury was energized by Hidalgo’s willingness to learn different ways of working creatively and sensitivity to the instrument. The recording also kept close the energy and spirit of learning and playing music, something so important to Sedje Hémon that she started the first panflute conservatory in the Netherlands. The jury applauds Antoni Hidalgo’s experimental and courageous take on the subject and are convinced it is in the spirit of Sedje Hémon.

Listen to the winning entry by Antoni Hidalgo here:

Antoni Hidalgo (inercies) is a Mollet del Vallés, Barcelona based artist. He studied Labour Relations at the University of Barcelona and painting courses at the Escola Massana, Art and Design School, has made collective and individual exhibitions, and has now focused his activity on creative music and video-art.

Works were assessed by a jury of three interdisciplinary practitioners specifically selected for their respective areas of expertise, alongside their knowledge of the work of Sedje Hémon.

Mariëtte Groot, based in Rotterdam, is a performer, curator, and owner of Underbelly Soundartmedia. Additionally, she is a core team member of New Emergences Foundation, a platform for amplifying voices underrepresented within digital media culture, electronic music and sound art. They work towards the acknowledgement, presence and inclusion of women, LGBTQIA+, disabled communities, and people of all other ethnic groups combined.

Martha Jager is an artist, writer and curator based in Amsterdam whose practice is focused on personal histories and the use of biography as a political statement. She is the founder of Dear,, a postal series connecting artists, writers and poets to readers in a time marked by distance. Follow on Instagram: @dear____________________

Marit Mihklepp is an artist based in The Hague. Her works explore the existing and speculative communication systems between humans and other-than-humans, often using instructions and objects to be activated by the audience.

Marianna Maruyama (organizer of the open call) is an artist and writer based in The Hague. She is interested in love, labor, and translation. Since 2015, she has been working at the invitation of the Sedje Hémon Foundation together with Andrius Arutiunian. (EN) (NL)

This open call was generously supported by the Sedje Hémon Foundation.