Open Call 2021


Seeking short videos (<10 min), scores, electronic music compositions, or texts (essays, poems, etc.) in the spirit of Dutch artist-composer Sedje Hémon. Submissions should be either new, unreleased, or newly revised works that specifically respond to this call.

1st prize honorarium €300

2nd prize honorarium €100

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Hémon was fascinated by the musical and educational potential of the panflute, especially in terms of accessibility. As she had sustained many injuries as a member of the Dutch Resistance and survivor of Auschwitz, she was unable to play the violin professionally, but the panflute offered her an ongoing connection to music, and she was devoted to sharing it with others. In 1977 she formed a pan flute teacher-training school in her studio-residence in The Hague, where she also had an on-site pan flute production line. The Dutch Ministry of Education & Science officially recognized the school that year, making it the first pan flute school in the Netherlands.

The Panflute Conservatorium is no longer active, though over the years, we often come into contact with people who studied with her. Her small panflute books are still widely circulating around the Netherlands, and we come across them now and then by chance. For this open call we are asking what would the Panflute Conservatorium be doing now if it were operating? Or what should it be doing? Would there still be panflute lessons? Or something else? We are looking for ways to celebrate and recognize the legacy of Sedje Hémon through what she left us as a teacher and lover of music and learning.

Details: Works will be assessed by a jury of three interdisciplinary practitioners on the basis of their artistic contribution towards the discourse around the work of Dutch artist Sedje Hémon and relevance to the theme of the call. In particular the jury is looking for contributions that open up the conversation around Hémon’s work. No age limit.

The first prize winner will receive an honorarium of €300 from the Sedje Hémon Foundation. The work will be featured on and publicized on associated social media channels. The runner-up will receive a fee of €100 from the Sedje Hémon Foundation and will also be featured online.

Deadline for application: May 31, 2021

Results announced: Mid June 2021

Questions? Contact: sedjehemon [at]

Supported by the Sedje Hémon Foundation.