Sedje Hémon Foundation

The Sedje Hémon Foundation (Sedje Hémonstichting) was founded in 1962 by art historian H.L.C. Jaffé (1915-1984), and is dedicated to presenting, promoting, and preserving the works of Dutch composer and artist Sedje Hémon (born Sedje Frank). The foundation is concerned with collecting and preserving the paintings, scores, graphic works, ceramics, musical instruments, and other artefacts, sound and video recordings, as well as everything made, designed, and collected by Sedje Hémon. In addition, the foundation takes care of Sedje Hémon’s former residence, studio, and archive, which is located in The Hague, the Netherlands.

Further activities involve organizing exhibitions and concerts of Sedje Hémon’s works as well as stimulating the production of new works that are connected to Sedje Hémon’s ideas and oeuvre. In addition, the Sedje Hémon Foundation promotes the study and enjoyment of the pan flute, as well as Hémon’s original pan flute method and instruments, including the HP-8.

The foundation encourages research and study of Sedje Hémon’s artwork and compositions as well as her theory on the integration of art and music. As part of this aim, in 2016 the foundation invited composer Andrius Arutiunian and artist Marianna Maruyama, both based in The Hague, to research the archives and generate new work drawing from Hémon’s legacy.